the virtual classroom

old teachers do not die, they just kind of fade away… we don’t forget them, they become a part of us, for better or for worse…

in the virtual classroom  we can explore the stuff that allows us to conjure with our learning, that leads to laughter and awe, that goes beyond the stuffy confines of curriculum and classroom…

the ghost of a teacher is a friendly and compassionate ghost, if you’ll permit his haunting, enamoured of the wonder and complexity of the world and unwilling to leave it….

ethics and philosophy, religion and politics,  history and poetry, art and landscape, the books, films and songs, all are up for grabs, to keep us as amused, aghast, intrigued and perplexed as the days when the dialogue was in real flesh and blood…

if he is still captivated by the beauty and the madness, and if you share his concerns, then this perhaps is the wood-between-the worlds where you both can linger awhile…



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