belladonna movie star

There was a moment in my inauspicious musical career when every song I was covering it seemed had the word ‘star’ in the title: Filmstar by Suede; Starman by Bowie; Oasis’ Rock and Roll StarMovie Star and Star by the criminally underrated Cracker. (Nope, not tempted to try David Essex!) I had also written Little Star for my daughter (on the acoustic Bloodsongs CD) so it seemed appropriate I should write my own ‘star’ song for the band and be done with all inferior versions.

Belladonna Movie Star is, essentially, a pretty self-explanatory song. The lyrics offer no profound truths, (‘Belladonna’ popped in from various sources: Bilbo Baggins’ mother; a poisonous plant; This is the One by The Stone Roses…) merely a polished little vignette about the vanity, vapidity and vacuousness of celebrity culture. The perils of such elevation are implied rather than explored; there’s no hope of a 150-second ditty doing much more. It’s up to the listener to ponder further.

Written in complete ignorance of what it must be like to live at the eye of such a storm, behind my limited perspective I had in mind the tragedies of lost innocence and youth, of senseless waste and futility, that fuel a morbid interest in casualties like Marilyn Monroe and Jean Seberg.

It’s mostly built around a classic A to D riff. The intro presents a familiar rock swagger, followed immediately by a simple two chord romp, threaded with screaming solo slices. When the song cuts to the outro you can hear the rough squeaks as the left hand slides up and down the frets. It’s satisfyingly immediate and garage; reminiscent of every great guitar-drenched gem of yore, and yet with a structure and delivery all of it’s own. Enjoy!

belladonna movie star

saw her at the screening, i was hoping, i was dreaming

manicured perfection, she’s in love with her reflection

champagne, fast car, caviar, belladonna movie star

video, here we go, listen to her talking

freeze frame, that’s my game, voyeuristic stalking

got to know just who you are, belladonna movie star

belladonna movie star, concentrated groovy, far out

when i see her she’s on fire, gonna feed her my desire

on the screen, she’s the queen, she’s the toast of this scene

and i know yeah, when she goes yeah, I’m a goner, belladonna

and i know yeah, when she goes yeah, I’m a goner, belladonna

she’s untouchable, walking miracle

she’s untouchable, walking miracle, she’s untouchable



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