joan of arc

Time perhaps for a little trip down memory lane… With The Bone Records about to unleash their new album, it doesn’t hurt to revisit the scene of former glories. Check out the review below and a link to ‘Joan of Arc’, the eponymous debut album’s opening track.

As one local wag said at the time: It’s not just the insistent riffs, the onrushing drums, the incandescent harmonies. Who couldn’t love a band that marries Hughie Green and the Bard in one couplet, the Carpenters and the Archdrood Cope himself in the next? You want a sharp musical thrill, it’s here. You want street philosophy, check out the refrain and the subterranean sense of environmental apocalypse. ‘Would you say to Joan of Arc inside her fire, “Come on girl, take me higher!”?’ We would, we did and, forgive the pun, but we really DIG the Bone Records and you will too!

bone records kids

New album is currently being mixed at Brighton’s legendary Audiobeach studios. The band promise to capture the zeitgeist with a banquet of post-punk urgency, tectonic grooves, incendiary lyrics, swampy blues and garage-fuelled riffs. Expect the album launch very soon. Expect also to be mildly underwhelmed. But heck, you never know!!


Joan of Arc

opportunities come knocking on the door/catch the tide/i shoulda done better

slash and burn and pull the rug from off the floor/planet ride/i shoulda done better

try to think it over…

what’s under heaven’s also underneath the law/stop the slide/helter skelter

calling occupants of interplanetary craft/am i fried?/i shoulda done better

would you say to joan of arc inside her fire, ‘come on girl, take me higher’?

i need a conscience like a hole in the head/easy ride/i shoulda done better

try to think it over/try to think it over me/try to think it over…


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