all the way

And another thing I’ve been wondering lately…

Bit of a standard rock classic this one, built upon a molten blues riff with lyrics of a ‘yearning’ nature. I am happy to wear my influences upon my sleeve, so hear what you will, it’s all a subconscious tribute to the musicians who have given me a lot of pleasure over the years. What do I hear? – bass tectonics That Petrol Emotion ‘Fireproof’ era; lead noodling in the prechorus Stone Roses à la ‘Second Coming’; the B chord in the chorus and the outro most definitely a Kula Shaker ‘Hush’ kinda thing… I like to think maybe the mighty Playn Jayn might have ventured into this territory if they hadn’t crumbled…

Lyrically, it’s triggered by early Hoodoogurus’ wistful romanticism on tracks like ‘Zanzibar’ and ‘Death Defying’; and Dave Faulkner’s songwriting genius: ‘What’s My Scene?’ (They had a song called ‘All the Way’ too but this is completely different.) And for the geeks, a ‘stoned immaculate’ nod to Jim Morrison…

all the way

went down to the tropics in a youthful state of mind

fired with thoughts of piracy and the treasures i would find

sowed the seeds of longing for the life i left behind to go all the way

i am wired, i am optimistic, ready for the ride

i am faithful, i am able, so intractably refined

i am stoned, i am ready, so immaculately primed to go all the way

drank my way through volumes of intoxicating brew

couldn’t get my fill of all the things i never knew

conjured up a goddess to caress me as i grew and take me all the way

daddy was a dancer, mummy was a queen

baby sold her potions in a new age magazine

i used to be a movie star but only in my dreams

they took me all the way, they took me all the way

now i’m getting older i’m relinquishing my creed

i yearn to be theatrical but don’t know what’s my scene

and when i go my own road, they say it’s quite obscene to go all the way

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