I am offering  guitar lessons to anyone wishing to learn the acoustic guitar. I previously taught acoustic guitar for several years to a number of beginners, starting at around age 8 and continuing into their late teens. I would be happy to teach individuals or students in a pair.

Over the years I have played and formed bands and generally encouraged ‘music-making’ everywhere I have worked with young people. In my spare time I write, record and perform with my own band in Brighton. Please network with other people for a reference, should you require one. There are plenty out there who will vouch for me. (Whilst my guitar playing is self-taught, I do have a Grade 8 in violin to speak for my more formal musical credentials, and I have sung in cathedral choirs and opera groups for many years.)

I believe the acoustic guitar is a prelude to picking up the electric, and that the necessary techniques transfer better in that direction than the reverse. It also forces the student to master those techniques, much in the same way as old-fashioned teachers believe the fountain pen, whilst initially tricky, is the route to beautiful handwriting later on.

Lessons would focus on rhythm guitar, especially pertinent for those who wish to sing themselves or accompany singers in duets or bands. Being comfortable with singing is encouraged, as it develops musicality and musical listening. I would also encourage  and proactively try to organise performance, another transformational activity.

Starting with basic chords, we will progress to develop nuance and subtlety, and progressively add the tricks and shortcuts that will slowly transcend a basic competence. The idea would be to work on songs, one a week to build a repertoire, led by student choice, to achieve results which should prove self-motivating.

Use the contact page to get in touch.

Please note: students should have their own steel-stringed guitar of a reasonable quality, preferably with a solid top. Expect prices to start around the £100 mark.

(This is my favourite guitarist and unsung National Treasure. I am still trying to be 10% as good as him. That might be consolation to the student struggling with chord progressions and bleeding fingers. Those footing the bill might think I’m not very good. Go see him and judge for yourself.)